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About the XPT

Introduced to NSW TrainLink service in 1982 the XPT, short for "express passenger train", travels between Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Dubbo, Grafton and Casino. Its aerodynamic design and trademark "nose" make a distinctive impression as it cruises through the countryside.

The XPT power car features a Paxman VP185 12-cylinder, turbo-charged diesel electric engine boasting 1492 kW or 2000 horsepower. There's a power car at each end of the train, one pulling and the other pushing.

The XPT has undergone refurbishment with new seat covers, carpets, curtains and toilets. In addition, a striking new livery has been applied.

XPT's and Xplorers are serviced and washed at a special centre in Sydenham where necessary maintenance is carried out. Even the windows are blow-dried on the way through. The service centre recycles rinse water as wash water which is then discharged with other run off through a treatment plant before being used again.

Photo of hostess helping passengers on board the XPT Photo of passengers on the XPT  in bed Photo of passengers on the XPT taking photos.


A NSW TrainLink train NSW TrainLink logo

Reservation enquiries

Within Australia: 13 22 32
International: +61 2 4907 7501


Online bookings for the XPT

Bookings for the XPT can be made at our NSW TrainLink website.

You'll be asked to choose a train journey and then you can book accommodation and activities.

The NSW TrainLink website will appear in a new window.

Online bookings are fully secure.

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